Whether for acute or chronic pain, injury, post-surgery or performance enhancement issues, PhysElia will find a holistic therapy approach tailored to your individual needs!

The therapy offers the services ‘Come back stronger’ and ‘Fit and healthy for the future’. Both start with a detailed medical history and diagnosis in order to be able to create an individual training plan. Each of these therapeutic services have a different focus. To learn more about them, please click on „Facts & Prices“.

My offers are not only aimed at competitive and recreational athletes, but also at anyone
who wants to maintain an active lifestyle.

Come back stronger

Physiotherapie & Rehabilitation

✔ Pain/ache
 ✔ Inflammations
✔ Injuries
✔ Operations

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Fit and Healthy for the future

Screening & injury prevention

✔ Assessment of physical performance 
✔ Optimization of the training plan
✔ Assessment of the risk of injury
✔ Analysis of competition and tournament situations

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Keep Shining

Betreuung von Wettkampf -oder Auftrittstagen

✔  On-site support
✔ Treatment of acute complaints 
✔ Optimization of performance

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If you are unable to keep an appointment, please cancel up to 24 hours before the treatment appointment! Otherwise, I will have to charge for the therapy unit.

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